New Student Orientation - Overview

1. New Student Orientation Part One (informational) takes place online and lasts approximately one (1) hour and consists of three (3) videos with an assessment after each one. Each assessment has 10 questions and you must correctly answer seven (7) out of ten (10) questions before moving to the next orientation video.

2. You will need computer access with internet capability to complete online orientation. Please disable any internet restrictions/security on your computer that may prevent streaming video from GPC's website.

3. Each video displayed is captioned and may be enlarged for viewing pleasure. Just right click on the video with your mouse and select the zoom option. Enlarging the video display will affect resolution quality.

4. New Student Orientation Confirmation - After completing orientation part one, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to your GPC email address. Instructions on how to sign up for orientation part two will be included.

5. New Student Orientation Part Two (advisement for registration) takes place on campus and lasts two (2) hours and consists of check-in, advisement, and registration. You MUST complete orientation part one before signing up and participating in part two.

NOTE: If you are an ONLINE ONLY student, the second part of orientation is to submit the online advisement form at