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NameNew Total Last postDescription
Art 0 0 N/A A forum for GPC members to discuss art.

Book Exchange 0 6 November 22, 2016 - 19:26 This forum gives students the opportunity to exchange books with other students.

Clubs 0 0 N/A Club discussions are located here.

GPC Announcements 0 0 N/A Announcements for GPC employees and students.

Help with Classes 0 0 N/A Get help with your classes!

Jobs 0 0 N/A An area in which GPC students can get info and leads for job openings for part time and full time positions.

Nursing 0 0 N/A A forum for Nursing students and Pre-Nursing students to interact, ask questions, give advice, etc.

Online Student Success 0 0 N/A Forum for communicating with the online community of GPC students

Safety and Security 0 0 N/A A forum to ask questions, post comments and discuss the safety and security of GPC. Reviewed by the Director of Protective Services.

Science Club 0 0 N/A A forum for students across campuses and online to share ideas and activities.

TechHelp 0 0 N/A Discuss technical issues with other GPC members.

Trading Post 0 0 N/A This is an area in which GPC members can trade ideas, services, and expertise.

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