AskGPC is a natural language search utility. This means that you can type in a normal question, like "How much is tuition?" and it will find the best answers to your question.

Ask GPC Online a question like:
Can I get a degree through online courses?

Adding the AskGPC Widget

To add the AskGPC Widget to your webpage, you need to add three lines to your page:

<? include_once("askgpc_widget.php");
   askGPC("Online", "Can I get a degree through online courses?", 25);

Notice that the second line has three settings that determine how the AskGPC Widget works. You will need to change all three of these settigns to match your department.

  1. "Online"
    This first setting is the name of the department. Change this to match your department's name. Don't forget the quotation marks.
  2. "Can I get a degree through online courses?"
    Replace this question with one that someone would ask your department. Don't forget to use quotation marks.
  3. 25
    This number tells AskGPC which category to search for answers in. Use this chart to find which number to use with your department:
    Alumni Relations 76 
    BBA Program/Fast Trac 99 
    Bookstore 47 
    Campuses 42 
    Career Services 103 
    Classes/Class Schedule 43 
    Computer Labs 46 
    Consolidation 105 
    Dual Enrollment 74 
    Employment 41 
    Financial Aid 
    GPC E-mail 40 
    GPC Training 69 
    GPC Transcripts/Verifications 31 
    Grades 29 
    Graduation 79 
    Honors Program 82 
    Hybrid Courses 54 
    iCollege 68 
    Immunization 63 
    International Certificate 71 
    JCard And HigherOne Card 96 
    Joint Enrollment 75 
    Learning And Tutoring 60 
    Learning Support Classes 100 
    Move On When Ready 106 
    Network Access 81 
    New Student 55 
    Nursing Program 22 
    Online Classes 25 
    Orientation 17 
    Parking 45 
    Payments and Fees 
    Placement Testing 58 
    Programs 61 
    Public Safety 59 
    Recreation 57 
    Registration 20 
    Registration Holds 62 
    Residency/Tuition Classification 102 
    ServiceDesk 66 
    Social Security Card Hold 65 
    Student Accounts 98 
    Student Activities 56 
    Study Abroad 70 
    Tobacco Free GPC 104 
    Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) 67 
    Transfer Credit 80 
    Veteran Affairs/Military Outreach 83 
    WebCT 44 
    Withdrawal 28