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GPC Transcripts/Verifications
Date Updated
2014-05-05 15:08:43
I ordered an Official GPC Transcript and have not received it.
We’re sorry you’re having trouble with your request. Please check the following possible reasons.

1. You may have a hold on your account. Please check your email to see if you received a message.
2. Your consent form may not have been received. Please follow up and return the consent form. There is a blank consent form for printing available on the GPC Registrar site if you do not have access to your personalized one.
3. Your consent form was not approved. Please resend and ensure the quality of the image is readable.
4. Your payment may have been declined. Please check the Transcripts on Demand portal for details.
5. You have older records. This may cause a processing delay as we convert the records to a digital format. If it has been longer than five business days please contact College Wide ERS