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Career Services
Date Updated
2014-04-22 12:28:54
Do I need an appointment to meet with Career Services?
Yes. Appointments are required for one-on-one meetings. Documents and information will be requested prior to meeting with Career Services. In most cases prior research must be done in order to make the most of your time with a career counselor.

Career Services performs outreach through employer visits, classroom presentations, workshops and seminars so appointments are necessary to ensure a productive meeting time.

Attendance at Career Services workshops does not require an appointment although preregistration might be required. Use of career resources typically does not require an appointment. You may stop by any of the Advising Counseling and Retention Services offices to view the JagOpps Binder (job opportunities) without an appointment.

For more information about Career Services, please visit the Career Services at

To request an appointment please email Career Services .