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BBA Program/Fast Trac
Date Updated
2014-03-24 10:52:34
What are the advantages of enrolling in the joint GPC/GSW Online BBA degree program?
The accelerated online BBA can be completed in three years (9 consecutive semesters). The program is offered through Georgia Perimeter College (GPC) and Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW), two fully accredited University System of Georgia institutions; with affordable tuition, and taught by highly qualified and experienced faculty. In addition, students can also obtain a BBA in a 2+2 format by attending and completing the GPC Associates of Science in Business at GPC in two years, then transferring to GSW and completing the BBA requirements in 2 years. The GSW School of Business is also an AACSB International Accredited School.

For more information visit the Fast Trac BBA Program on the GPC website at

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